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  Jesse calls San Diego home where he performs regularly, but his gigs have taken him far and wide. In the U.S. he has performed across the country; from Miami to San Francisco and from L.A. to Washington DC, with a good deal of time also on the Reno, Tahoe, Las Vegas circuits.  Internationally, he has performed throughout Australia and in New Zealand , Mexico, Puerto Rico, Fiji and the Bahamas. His first album was recorded and released in Australia with other recordings to follow in the U.S.  Jesse has also appeared on many television and radio shows in the U.S., Australia and Mexico, and filmed throughout Europe during the making of "The Phenomenon of Benji", a TV special.

   Gifted with a powerful voice and smooth style, Jesse is known as a Jazz singer but his repertoire includes, R&B, Pop, Latin, and Swing well as his numerous original compositions.  He is backed by his Soul of Jazz musicians.

  In England and Europe, among "Northern Soul" devotees, he is known for a different style of music and they are avid fans and vinyl collectors. His Hollywood Gypsies album is increasingly in demand, and some of Jesse's 45rpm recordings (from 30+ years ago!) are sought after collector items. The rarest is "Gonna Hang On In There Girl" and also There's Room For Me and So Full of Love.  We see them surface on E-Bay auctions from time to time and they have sold for anywhere from $800 to $1500.00.

In 2009, ACE Records, in London, engaged Jesse to perform at the Cleethorpes Rare Northern Soul Weekender in England....all as a result  of those collectible records.  Jesse so enjoyed performing for the U.K. fans and a bonus resulted...   In 2010, ACE Records re-released "Gonna Hang On In There Girl" on vinyl and CD, and on a Compilation CD.  They also released one of Jesse's original songs, I Never Could Have Made It, in November 2011.

  Dec 2008 - Jesse was inducted into the SDAA Heritage Foundation (Jazz) Hall of Fame - an organization recognizing significant musical contributions in the Jazz scene.

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